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Beauty By Jess: Simple Summer Makeup Tricks

Summer is here and with that said expect more invites to the beach, pool parties and outdoor activities. So how does a chica stay fab while not worrying about melting away with 'summer makeup face'?!?

Here are some things I like to do because let's be honest you gotta rock it during the summer!



Any will do. Trust me you'll thank me 5 years from now.

**Waterproof Foundation**

'Pro Longwear' Nourishing Waterproof Foundation from MAC is everything. Tried it for the first time a couple months ago for an outdoor shoot and fell in love. Plus it looks natural.

**Waterproof Concealer**

Not only is this concealer by Maybelline inexpensive it's super effective. Just throw on with a makeup brush and hello even skin.

**Eyebrows On Fleek**

You may be wearing natural looking makeup but that doesn't mean you're eyebrows shouldn't look good. I like to use this long lasting 'Too Faced’s Bulletproof Brow' ($30) that's bound to ensure your brows are loud and proud, even in the face of the mucho calor.

**Waterproof Mascara**

Not a fan of waterproof mascara. I'll be honest... but you gotta do what you gotta do. I buy this inexpensive one because it's something I barely use.

**Shadow Stick**

This NYX shadow stick is super easy to apply and very beachy! I said beachy...not bit...

**Semi-Matte Lipstick**

I like a little bit of gloss but nothing that's going to attract more sand! So keep it natural and soft when it comes to your boca/lips!

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