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My Weekend In Pics & Videos

Oh my what a weekend. Honestly, I didn't have any major plans just knew I wanted to see my cousin in Tampa but that wasn't until Sunday.

Friday Night: No plans but let me do my makeup anyway...1 hour later "I'll do Netflix" and drive to my favorite pizza place in my robe.

Saturday morning: Workout because I know I'm going to need it

Saturday evening: Hmmm I wanna check out a classic car show but first

"Let Me Take A Selfie"

2015 GI Joes!

A little lady who's so inspiring. Nothing wrong with growing older with moves.

Saturday night: Yes...another selfie just because. ...

Sunday Morning: Pumking decided to bathe her little self while I tried to go on Snapchat (realjessicareye)

Mission accomplished...the cat made it on Snapchat.

Next...Tampa here we come and whole time I was thinking I need a Philly Chessesteak. I need it ahora.

So somehow my car navigated towards the Westshore Pizza exit ( I swear I had no control over my car)

Now to the real reason I came to Tampa (wink wink) to see my family.

Had the chance to see my cousin and to my surprise....more FOOD!

Okay, who am I kidding. We all know Puerto Ricans cook like crazy.

Sunday Night: I need to get back to the gym. I ate too much...a million thoughts but in the end I had an amazing time with the familia.

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